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Hi, Jean Neidhardt here. 

am a Personal Development Coach.  I am passionate about helping people create better lives.  I help my clients heal from and prevent the effects of stress, lack of time, lack of sleep and an unending list of action items, meetings and places to be.

My Story...

I am a divorced mother of 3.  My husband broke his neck in a car accident and was paralyzed from the chest down, when our kids were very young. At the time, I was a Consulting Manager for a high-tech computer company, managing a team of 18 consultants spread across New York State.

I had no choice but to keep going, taking care of my husband, my children and my job..  I was up most of the night doing medical care.  I was up at 3am so I could leave for work by 5am, traveling all over the state.  I was home by 7:30 pm and started dinner, homework, housecleaning, medical care….  I arranged my schedule so that I could make almost every sporting event, play, concert and teacher conference.    

I survived on very little sleep, between 3-5 hours every day, for many years.  My husband has since passed away.   Christopher, my oldest, graduated with a dual major in Business and Hotel Management.  He is now the Director of Leasing for a shopping mall development company.  Ryan is an ER doctor and Jessie just graduated from college with a degree in Neuroscience.  She will begin working to become a Physician’s Assistant in the fall.

I am so proud of my children and the fact that I made it through.  I am tough!  I was and still am determined to give the best to my children.  I survived but became severely burned out, and I know there are many people like me out there.  We suffer and keep going, wondering sometimes if we can keep it up.  Somehow we do, for the sake of our families. 

This story has a happy ending.  I figured out how to heal, and I’ve put together the same program I discovered by trial-and-error for others who are suffering and those who want to prevent burning out.

My passion...

I’ve worked with many people as a manager and a coach and have shown them how to heal and to create their own best lives, in work and at home.   The people I work with begin taking better care of themselves.  Their confidence increases.  They sleep more.  Their health improves.  They end bad relationships.  They figure out what they love to do and begin making it a priority.  They reclaim their time, their energy and their lives.   

I am passionate about helping people drastically improve their lives.  We all deserve to be happy, and I have helped many people achieve it.

My Bachelors’ degree is from Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY.  I graduated from Coach University in 2012, and I’m currently working on a Master Coaching Certification from the International Coaches Federation (ICF).  I have been coaching for more than 15 years.  I have 30+ years of experience in Fortune 100 companies.  Industries include:  High-Tech Computing, Insurance, Manufacturing, Utilities, Government and Education.

If you are interested in healing your mind and your body, eliminating emotional pain and suffering, and creating a happy, balanced life, you can set up an appointment for a free 40-minute discovery consultation.  I hope to hear from you. 

What do you have to lose? 

You have everything to gain.  Choose to create your life!  A coach can help you get exactly what you want…   Jean



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Bogged down in pain and confusion, I was good at surviving, but not thriving.   Jean helped me parse through the many thoughts that were weighing me down and get to clear on what I really wanted.  Her questions and observations helped me shape what thriving looked like to me, and her insights helped me create a path to moving forward.  She helped me transform.  Terri, CA

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