Hello Jean,

In my last newsletter, I talked about how to recognize the symptoms of burn-out.

This month I would like to tell you how you can avoid burn-out and what you can do to create a happy, healthy, better life.

The first step in creating a better life, is to strengthen your Personal Foundation. 

Your Personal Foundation is the structural basis that supports you in living an exceptional life.  Just as a house must be built on a strong foundation to avoid collapsing under stress, so must your life. 

Some requirements for achieving a strong Personal foundation are:

Eliminating tolerations, setting boundaries, raising standards, resolving the past, getting needs met, restoring integrity and practicing extreme self-care.

Getting healthy which includes getting enough sleep, eating right working out.

Not over committing.  If you are already over committed, eliminate or get help.  If you have little ones depending on you, ask your family and friends for help.  Trade services, take turns driving, babysitting, cooking dinner.   Get creative!

Getting enough sleep is the most important way to avoid burn-out.  If you simply cannot find a way to get enough sleep over a long period of time, you can recover.  I did.  But I was suffering and unhappy for many years in survival mode.

Take steps to avoid stress, especially long periods of extreme stress.  This too can be a hard one to solve.  Many people today are driving 1-2 hours one-way to work, working 8-10-12 hours and then traveling home.

Solving this can mean getting creative:  move closer to work, find a new job, car pool…..    I’ve heard of people in California that buy RVs and park in their work parking lots during the week to avoid 6 hour daily commutes.

Practice Mindfulness.  This is a simple exercise that you can do often throughout the day.  Simply stop, close your eyes, become aware of your body, focus on your breath, when your mind wanders do not judge, just come back to focusing on your breath.  Do this for 5-10 minutes. 

To be successful at creating a great life, you have to be committed to doing what is necessary to achieve it.  You deserve to be happy and working too hard is not the answer.   The harder you work, the more stressed and more exhausted you will become and this can lead to serious burn-out.

Tune in next month....

I’ll talk about life planning and why it’s important.  

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Bye for now,  Jean

Jean Neidhardt
Create Your Life Coaching

Syracuse, New York
United States of America


Jean Neidhardt
Create Your Life Coaching

Central NY, New York
United States of America